“Our son’s fluency problems resulted in a coping strategy to avoid conversation; he shied away from speaking to others and kept his sentences short. When we met Mrs. Boddicker, one of her questions was regarding our expectations from speech therapy. Our greatest hope was that he would be confident enough to express his thoughts without feeling self-conscious.

I believe that the main reason our son succeeded in overcoming his fluency problems is because Mrs. Boddicker showed him that she believed in him. She encouraged him with each exercise and saw all of his potential which he began to see himself. He blossomed under her tutelage and changed from a little boy who was shy and self-conscious to a little boy who loved to talk about anything that came to mind. Even if he didn’t speak perfectly, Mrs. Boddicker had taught him the tools to correct it and move on without giving up. Today, you would never know that he needed speech therapy. We are indebted to Kate Boddicker for her support and instruction to improve our son’s speech and thereby helping him improve his life.”

Mr and Mrs. Perez


“Mrs. Boddicker is doing an amazing job with our son! As soon as he was diagnosed with a Language Processing Disorder she knew exactly how to help. Thanks to her experience, dedication and passion he is excelling in the classroom and becoming more and more confident everyday.”

Mr. & Mrs. Cromwell